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Visitor FAQ

1)What are the visiting hours of the hospital?

Our hospital offer visitors of patient a totally comfortable and relaxed environment where they can meet and interact with patients regularly.

2)Can I bring anything for the patient?

We encourage you to bring items like books, magazines, etc. We request to kindly contact the nurse before giving the patient anything to eat or drink.

3)What should I carry while entering the hospital premises?

We request you to carry the hospital ID badge to enable visitor identification before coming into the hospital.

4)How many visitors are permitted?

We permit only visitors who have the specific visitor cards provided by the hospital.

5)Why are there visitor restrictions in some areas?

There are certain visitor restricted areas in the hospital which include ICCU units and other areas where we limit human presence to avoid infection and co-operation.

6)What facilities can I get in the hospital?

We provide a well equipped canteen and adequate reading material for all our visitors.

7)I need to visit a patient urgently, is it possible?

Yes, we could accommodate this request, please speak to the concerned floor head to get the approval of the same.

8)I have lost my visitor pass, can you help?

We can issue a duplicate pass based on the patient details which are provided by the visitor. This would be done only after proper verification of details.

9) Can bring mobile phones into the hospital?

While mobile phones are allowed in the premises, we request you co-operate with our hospital staff when you may be asked to switch off or not use the instrument in sensitive areas of the hospital as it could affect medical equipment.