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Our hospital is well equipped with a wide range of radiology services

We have installed the best equipment from around the world to provide a level of treatment which is rarely found in any other hospital.

Our hospital confirms with the latest international standards for handling all types of radiology services and we take extreme care to ensure that no harmful effects occur on our patients due to radiation exposure.

Some of the radiology services we offer include

1)MRI- We offer advanced MRI services for patients using the latest equipment and machines. Our MRI technicians performed advanced MRI scanning and offer various types of MRI servcies which are required by patients for their further treatment.

2)Ultrasound- We have a fully equipped ultrasound facility which is designed to provide all types of ultrasound scanning techniques for patients. The use of ultrasound is extremely safe and has no side effects on our patients.

3)Bone Density Testing- Our hospital offers various types of bone density testing which is designed to test the structural integrity of bones which are present in the human body. This test is critical in identifying if a patient is suffering from osteoporosis or any other bone related condition which might be affecting the patient.

4)Radiography- Our radiography services include X Rays, Fluoroscopy and Mammography Services which are provided for patients based on their requirements. We have a highly trained team of radiologists who provide various types of radiography services based on patient requirements. Our skilled staff ensure that all your radiology processes are extremely comfortable and stress free.

5)CT Scan- This is a form of non invasive scanning which is performed for patients which helps us detect and diagnose the various types of problems which exist in patients. CT scans are a highly comprehensive method of disease detection as they provide a simple yet high quality scan image of the patient which aids our hospital staff in performing the right diagnosis.

6)PET Scan- Positron Emission Tomography or PET Scans as they are popularly known is performed by our hospital. We offer various types of PET Scans which are recommended by doctors and these are used in conjunction with our various other radiology functions which include CT scanning and X ray departments. These scans are extremely effective to detect various types of cancers in the body.

Our departments work in close co-ordination with each other to ensure timely detection of patient disease and help them manage and control the disease at the earliest.