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Tirumala Hospitals has a state of the art pharmacy

which is designed to provide quality professional care. The pharmacy is a central node to the operation of the hospital by providing the various supplies of medicine and medical consumables in a refined and automated manner. Our pharmacy department uses an advanced pharmacy module which is designed to automate the various tasks of the pharmacy while ensuring a seamless experience for our patients and their attendants.

Some of the key features of our pharmacy include

  • 24X7 operation of the pharmacy to provide uninterrupted service to patients.
  • Advanced stock maintenance facilities for storing over 5000 different types of medications
  • Better prices than most pharmacies
  • Latest medicine batches which are sourced from various manufacturers directly for the highest quality and shelf life along with low prices.
  • A large supply of essential medicines which are required on a daily basis by the hospital is always available including hard to find drugs which are not being produced in large numbers.