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Patient FAQ

This section gives detailed information on the various aspects which are required for patients.

1)How do I reach you hospital?

Ans- You can reach our hospital from various localities with ease. We are well connected by all modes of transport include RTC buses, Auto and any other convenient means of transport as required by the patient. For patient who have emergency requirements or are immobile due to various conditions, we have a specialized mobile ICU ambulance facility to transport you to the hospital.

2)What are the various types of rooms available in your hospital?

We have a wide range of rooms which cater to the needs of all our patients. There are various facilities available for patients who have varied budgets

3)What kinds of treatment are available at your hospital?

We offer highly specialized treatments for all our patients for various types of disease. Please refer our specialties page for a list of services offered.

4)How do I use my health insurance in your hospital?

We have various tie ups with a wide range of healthcare insurance providers, these healthcare insurance service providers offer cashless hospitalization for you on all fronts.

5)Can I get the service of family doctor?

We would always use the reference consultations of your family doctor wherever required. To ensure a better standard of treatment we would ensure that our doctors only perform the treatment within the hospital .

6)I need a transfer from another hospital, is it possible?

We approve the transfer of patients from various hospitals based on the criticality of the patient and their various conditions. This transfer would be subject to approval from your insurance service provider and TPA.

7)Is there any service charge on your hospital bills?

Yes, we have a service charge of 12.5% on every bill which is generated based on statutory requirements.

8)How do check in and register?

You can check in and register either online or through various other methods including phone or through a referral doctor.

9)How do I know my bed charges?

You can get an update on your billing charges at any point of time from our billing and front office department which can provide you with the latest information as required.

10)Do you have an ambulance service?

Yes, our hospital has an ambulance service which is equipped with a state of the art mobile ICU unit which is designed to provide emergency support services for patients at all times for patients.

11)Who are the TPA's you support?

We have tieups with all the major TPA's who offer cashless hospitalization for patients. These TPA's offer the best services for patients by quickly and rapidly processing their insurance claims and ensuring cashless hospitalization.

12)How can I avail of Insurance facilities?

You would need to provide your TPA's ID card on admission and this would enable us to process your cashless insurance claim at the earliest.

13)What the list of dis-allowed items in the hospital?

We prohibit the use of firearms and the consumption and storage of any alcoholic drinks within the hospital premises.

14)How do I claim a refund?

If there has been any excess amount which has been left after the performance of treatment within our security deposit, you can claim a refund when you are being discharged and leaving the hospital.