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Patient Testimonials

"We came to our hospital to get treatment for my husband who was suffering from chronic kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant. The entire team at our hospital identified and arranged a donor replacement in record time and their team of nephrologists performed the skilled surgery with extreme care which prevented any infections. Our entire family is very grateful to our hospital for giving my husband a new lease of life" Mrs. Annapurna.

"Our 4 year son rakesh was suffering from tyhoid and had high temperature, we panicked and took him to prasad hospital, which was sugegsted by our relations as having the best child disease treatment facilities in Hyderabad. Immediate attention was paid to our son and he was quickly administeered medicines to bring his fever under control. He made rapid progress under the guidance of Indus doctors and recovered within 10 days to perfect health. We are every indebted to Prasad Hospital for saving the light of our family, our little Rakesh". Mr and Mrs Ravi Kishore, Hyderabad.

Tirumala hospital has the best infrastructure and skilled team of doctors who treat various complications which occour in children. We have been taking our 5 year old son to prasad since he was born for every type of health problem which he has faced. We are every grateful to prasad for their services" Mr and Mrs Radhakrishna, Hyderabad

"Tirumala Hospital is one of the best hospitals we have come across Their facilities and professional staff are an asset which make patients feel comfortable and at home. We have choosen prasad hospitals unique health packages for our entire family with total confidence in their treatment quality and style." Srinivas Rao and family, Hyderabad

"Tirumala hospital is the best we have been to in terms of infrastructure of service standards." Uma Maheswar Rao, Hyderabad

Doctor Testimonials

“Your hospital was one of the finest hospitals we have come across. With a high level of professionalism and patient care, we have been convinced that this is the best hospital for referring our patients for various types surgical procedures as required”. Dr Shahid Kapoor

“Your hospital has excelled in its professionalism and is extremely efficient in its handling of patient requirements and needs. This professional excellence has given your hospital a special place in our doctors hearts as one of the finest healthcare facilities in this part of the country”. Dr Ramesh Rai

“I had come to your hospital for a second opinion consultation. I was really pleased to see the facilities and service oriented approach in your hospital which was the primary and key factor which made me return to your hospital on a regular basis for offering consultations for patients.” Dr Kamalakar

“I had referred one of my patients for a cardiac surgery which I was part of in your hospital. I have visited many hospitals before, but I amazed at the commitment dedication and infrastructure facilities which your hospital provided compared to any other hospital . The patient successfully recovered and was able to lead a normal life.” Dr Anil Sharma