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Our hospital's orthopaedic department has the highest standards of orthopaedic care

and is renowned for its expertise and resources in handling various types of services for patients in the field of orthopaedic medicine. Our doctors handle a wide range of surgeries which are only available at our hospital.

Our orthopaedic department provides services in the following areas of specialization.

Foot and Ankle Disorders- Our doctors are highly skilled and comprise of the best panel of specialists who treat various types of foot and ankle disorders. We have various facilities including surgical theaters for operating on patients with various complications like club foot and polio.

Leg and hand deformations and disorders- We can handle and treat any type of disorders and deformation which are present in patients. Complex surgeries are performed using advanced techniques which guarantee a very high success ratio.

Disorders of the spinal cord and vertebral column- Various types of disorders which affect the spine and vertebral column can be cured by our specialists. Our Hospital has the some of the best visiting doctors who provide expert consultations for our patients.

  • Trauma Surgery for pelvis, spine, shoulder replacement
  • Full time Rheumatology services.
  • Wide range of joint repair and replacement services which are performed by specialists with a wide range of experience.

We are expanding our services and providing a host of various specialty orthopaedic services which cater to the diverse requirements of our patients who suffer from various problem. Our hospital is also provide physiotherapy and pre and post operative care for our esteemed patients who require these services.

Our hospital is equipped with a world class ortho-surgical facility and uses the latest ortho-surgical technology which makes our patients healthier and happier. Our greatest satisfaction is achieved when our patients are able to overcome their orthopaedic problems and lead normal lives.