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Operation Theaters

Tirumala hospitals has the best infrastructure among any other competing hospital

in the city of Vizianagaram. We have procured the latest equipment from world renowned companies including Siemens, Olympus, and GE medical imaging. These are operated by skilled technicians who work round the clock to ensure that our equipment is functional and operated at the best levels of efficiency.

Tirumala hospitals is equipped with full fledged ICCU, AMCU and NICU care unites which are designed to be on par with international standards. Our insight into the thoughtful design of these units helps in handling complex cases. Every aspect of these intensive care units is perfectly monitored and streamlined for a hassle free patient experience within the hospital.

We have also carefully planned and implemented various ancillary facilities including bio-waste disposal, standby power supply, clean water and a well laid out access system for patients within the hospital for transfer between departments.