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Our department our oncology is highly specialized

in providing the best treatment for various types of cancers and tumors which affect the human body. Using varied methods of surgical, radiation and medical oncology, we help patients overcome their cancer's and recover completely from the disease.

Our Oncology department has some of the best medical talent who contribute their might towards delivering the best care for every patient who comes into our hospital. Our oncology department is supported by a well equipped blood bank, radiology and pathology sections for any type of treatment or test which may be required by the patient.

The oncology department in Tirumala is closely knit with various other departments in the hospital. This enables quick detection and isolation of potentially life threatening cancers before they reach an advanced stage. At Tirumala, we offer a unique blend of various types of treatments which are focused on effective patient healing. These treatment procedures have been formulated by our doctors after studying the best cancer treatments techniques across the world and bringing them to India. We also offer the finest surgical cancer removal methods available which remove cancerous growths within the body.

Our facilities in the oncology department include

  • Day care services for chemotherapy, blood transfusion and various other procedures.
  • Holistic treatment of cancer patients in close co-ordination with various other departments in the hospital.
  • Fully equipped laboratory and Blood bank functioning round the clock.
  • We believe in giving our patients the best facilities and latest drugs to help them lead normal lives and enhance their quality of living even after suffering from cancer.