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Nursing School

Tirumala Hospitals has established a high quality nursing school

which is designed to provide students with diploma courses on general nursing and midwifery. These courses have been recognized by the Hon Govt of Andhra Pradesh and has a duration of three and half years.

We have designed our courses to be job oriented and help our students get various placements after completion of the courses. We try our best to absorb deserving candidates into our own hospital and train them in the field of nursing. Our approach towards our students is to help every single student shine and achieve the best results at all times. Our nursing school employs carefully choosen teachers who have a great deal of patience and knowledge to understand the needs of the students and motivate them to become inquisitive and highly talented in their field of expertise.

Our nursing school has been established in the year 2004 and both the college and the school are recognized by the AP Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Objectives of our Nursing School

Our nursing school strives to provide various types of facilities and skills to students to help to become confident and handle the various challenges which they face in the day to day workplace.

Diverse aspects including handling of personel relations in a hospital environment and team working for treatment are taught at all times. These skills are priceless when the students enter the real world and helps them makes the best use of the skills that they require.

More importantly, we teach students to use discrimination and dilligence in the handling of various activities on a day to day basis which makes them sucessfull and competent in their fields. With a vision to educate over 100 students a year, we are making great strides to help patients in all aspects of nursing and handling of primary healthcare services.

Our schools are in close proximity to our hospital which enables real time training and simulation for students. This is an invaluable asset which ensures that every type of real world scenario is handled and managed by the students in the pratical environment of a operating theater.

We make every effort to make of our students stay as comfortable as possible and provide them with a host of facilities which are available. Some of these include

  • A well stocked and complete library
  • Various forms of entertainment like television and Indoor sports
  • A fully equipped dining hall which serves wholesome food for the nursing students
  • Well furnished and comfortable hostel facilities for the students

Our advantage

Tirumala Nursing School and College benefit from a highly streamlined teaching methodlogy and very talented teaching staff who ensure that our results are imrpoving by year and we are securing better nursing results over the years.

Course Details

Name Duration Eligibility Qualifications
General Nursing & Midwifery 3.5 years Unmarried Female between 17-25 years Intermediate or equivalent degree with 45% marks
B.Sc Nursing 4.5 years Unmarried Female between 17-25 years Intermediate or Equivalent Degree with Bi P.C group and 50% marks.