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Neuro Surgery

Our department of neurosurgery is equipped with the best technology and equipment

to provide neurosurgery which is of the highest standards. Tirumala Hospitals has set a benchmark in the type of neurosurgical career which is imparted to patients who come to our hospital.

The neurosurgery department is also an center of excellence and this is visited by many eminent doctors and surgeons from across India. Our Neuro Surgeons handle various trauma related cases and and also address various areas like stroke, epilepsy, headache movement which are handled on a in-patient basis. We have a very high success rate in handling critical cases of neurotrauma, neurosurgery. Intracranial endoscopy and Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Our hospital also performs various types of microscopy surgeries for handling various types of lesions and injuries. Our team also performs spinal surgery and vascular neurosurgery for complex cases which need them.

Our hospital is a leader in the performance of surgery for brain tumors and severe head injury cases. We have a specialized surgical operating theater which is designed for neurosurgical procedures which is supported 24/7 by various departments in the hospital. This provide patients total comfort and gives them the best care possible.