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Doctor Profile

Dr Tirumala Prasad Kodali is a native of Vuyyuru in Krishna District. He was born in the year 1961 to Dr Kodali Ramarao and Pitchamma. He pursued his schooling in Vuyyuru and was a student of Andhra Loyala College. Dr Tirumala Prasad did his medical degree from Rangaraya College in Kakinada and master degree in surgery from Andhra Medical College. Dr Tirumala Prasad then went on to serve as an assistant surgeon for over 5 years before setting up tirumala hospital in Vizianagaram.

He is highly venerated among the local community who look up to his accomplishments. He has also presented various papers in different national and international conferences which are of a very high standard and is an authority on laproscopic Surgery. His wife Dr Krishna Shanti is an eminent Gynaecologist who has been practising for over 15 years.

General Information

: Male
Professional Experience
: 20 Years
Academic Qualification
: M.S, F.A.I.S
: Andhra
Mobile No
: 9848145149


Dr Tirumala Prasad is the managing director of Tirumala Hospitals and also the head of the Tirumala Laproscopic and Endoscopic Institute. Dr Tirumala Prasad is also a member of the following

  • Post Graduate teacher for DNB in General Surgery.
  • He is also the Vice President of the ASI AP Chapter and of IMA Viziangaram Branch
  • He was the past president of APNA and Rotary Club Vizianagaram Branch

Professional Memberships

Dr Tirumala Prasad has a host of memberships in various medical organizations and societies. His medical acumen and extraordinary humility have made him wide respected and revered across all these organizations. His talent has been recognized time and again by various medical councils and his peers and this has made a iconic figure in the medical community not just for his achievements but also for his dedication and commitment. Dr Tirumala Prasad is a member of the following professional organizations.

SAGES- This body is the Society of American Gastorenterologists and Endoscopic Surgeons which is a highly distinguished body which has been formed to enhance the skill and science of gastroenterology.

ELSA- Dr Tirumala Prasad is a member of the Endoscopic and Laproscopic Surgeons of Asia which represents the finest talent pool of laproscopic surgeons from across Asia. Dr Tirumala Prasad has delivered various papers and presentations in these seminars to great acclaim.

  • Dr Tirumala Prasad is a distinguished member of the Indian Association of Hepatopancreaticobilary Surgeons
  • He is also a member of the Association of Surgeons in India
  • He has been instrumental in setting up the Association of Minimal Access Surgeons in India(AMSI)
  • He is also a member of the Indian Medical Association(IMA), North Andhra Surgical Club and the Asia Pacific Hernia Society

Presentations and Teaching

He has presented papers at the following medical conferences.

  • SAGES Conference in Philadelphia which was conducted in the year 2008.
  • Attended ELISA in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in the year 2003
  • He also presented a paper at the MIPH Course in Chennai.
  • He has conducted three Laproscopic Workshops in the year 1995,2002, 2005
  • He is a visiting faculty at the ASI workshops which are conducted under the AP chapter.