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Tirumala Hospitals has a department of casuality

which is fully equipped to manage any type of emergency conditions which are experienced by patients before refering them to a specific department or any other Intensive Care Unit.

Our department of casuality has the following equipment to handle various types of emergencies which occour for patients.

Our equipment list includes the following:

  • HP Monitors
  • Puritan Benetton and Siemens ventilators
  • Nelcor pulse oxymeters
  • Multiple parameter monitors with a central network
  • Centralized gas supply system
  • Syringe pumps and infusion pumps
  • Anesthesia ventilators
  • Valley Lab Diathermy Apparatus

Our casuality processes are designed to ensure seamless patient treatment across various departments within the hospital and react quickly to any type of medical requirement which may be needed by the patient.