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Attendant FAQ

This section is designed to provide answers to various questions which patient attenders would have regarding visting hours and various other items of importance.

1. How many attendants are allowed into the hospital?

As per our hospital policy, we would allow only one attendant per patient.

2. What are the various types of items which can be carried into the hospital?

We allow various types of personel belongings which can be brought into the hospital. We prohibit the use of dangerous items which include knives, sharp tools etc.

3. What are the cafetaria facilities which are available?

We offer a well equipped cafeteria which serves high quality vegetarian food. Due to requirements of our patients, we would not offer Non-vegetarian food in our hospital.

4. Can i bring outside food?

No, we do not allow any type of outside food within the hospital.

5. Do i need to bring clothing for patients?

No, that would not be required as we provide the required medical clothing within the hospital.

6. What type of diet can i avail at the hospital?

While we provide rich vegetarian food for attendents, you have a choice of many resteraunts around our hospital which you can visit for a varied menu.

7)What facilities can i expect in the hospital?

As an attendant, you can expect various types of facilities. We provide a atttendants clean and well equipped wash and laundry services. These have been designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort for the attendants.

8)Do you have a facility to store personel valuables?

We provide dedicated locker areas for attendents to store their various valuables within the hospital. We also recomend that attendants do not bring valuables into the hospital.

9. Do i need to bring clothing for patients?

You would be given a identfication card which would help you easily enter the hospital and provide care for the patients at all levels. We request you to return the identification card when the patient is discharged from the hospital.