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We offer a wide range of services which are covered under the arogyasree program which is a boon to poor patients of the society. Developed as a scheme by the government of India to provide community healthcare to all types of patients who are below the poverty line. This program is benefiting thousands of patients across all profession who are economically weak to afford quality healthcare.

We offer the following Services under the Arogyasree program and are constantly working to expand our service range on all fronts for our patients.

Our Arogryasree services have been modeled to provide the most comprehensive service facilities for patients who are from various sections of society. Our doctors strive and provide the best possible services for patients at all times through the combination of advanced medical technologies and equipment which is at our disposal.

We constantly update our Arogyasree program in consultation with the medical departments and heads of healthcare boards in the administration to enhance and expand the scope and coverage of our various services which are available under the program.