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Academic Programs

Tirumala Hospital offers academic programs

which are designed to help our nursing students gain a strong foothold in the hospital market and provide quality services for patients. We design these academic programs with great care and ensure that they give students a pratical and subject specific training.

Our main academic program is focussed on providing a diploma for General Nursing and Mid wifery. This diploma program has been designed to span over 3.5 years and is also aimed at providing our students a platform for enhancing their career options. We have various tie up's with major hospitals which ensures that our students are placed with the best hospitals and have a bright future ahead of them.

Our teaching staff have been very carefully choosen to ensure that every requirement of our students is understood and met with great care and detail. This alone gives our students the confidence to handle and manage any type of situation which they would encounter in the real nursing environment. We also conduct regular interactive sessions with various medical experts who guide our students on the best practices which are required for performing various medical procedures.

Download detailed information on our academic programs here